About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Spiderking Studios LLC, officially created November 16th, 2020, is a small, veteran owned, film production company in Douglas County, Oregon. Our goal is to give southern Oregon more film opportunities while essentially functioning as a community theatre but for film.

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Our Story

Spiderking Studios is very community driven. We’ve worked for causes such as the Human Trafficking Coalition, Battered Person’s Advocacy, Up2UsNow Youth Media Projects, and more.


We stick to our roots of working with the community and filming events, presentations, seminars, etc., but we also love to work on narrative filmmaking and other creative projects like music videos and promotional videos, using nothing but our own means of filming with a team of like minded creative minds who have been there from the beginning.

Meet The Team

Jake Tranter
Jake Tranter

President & CEO

Spiderking Studios Crew

And More!

The team members listed above are just the primary production team members for the company. There are a multitude of others who have helped with Spiderking Studios, far too many to list. We wouldn’t be where we are without everyone who has helped us along the way and we are very grateful.