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Trial By Fire Poster.jpg

“Trial By Fire" 'Trial By Fire' is not just a drama, it's an emotional rollercoaster following the story of William, a distressed veteran, searching for a way to push past his trauma. He joins a local community theatre to confront his demons. It will tell a beautiful story of tragedy and redemption. Genre: Drama Length: 01:58:52 Rating: UR (Suggested 18+) Director: Jake Tranter Co-Director: Andrew Laniohan Starring: Jake Tranter, Andrew Laniohan, Zoey Harris-Hicks, Juliete Palenshus, Curtis Balliew, John Dimof

JUV Poster.jpg

“Juvenile” “Calvin Jaxon, a troubled teenager who has been in and out of the juvenile justice system, faces a series of tragedies he wasn’t prepared for as a serial killer emerges in the small town of Blackridge. Will he overcome this turmoil, or will he give into this twisted game?” Genre: Slasher Length: 01:21:50 Rating: UR (Suggested 18+) Director: Jake Tranter Starring: Zebadiah Davis, Tristen Brisbois


“Death With Dignity” “Tyler, bored with his mundane life, decides that he needs a thrilling adventure. He places a hit on himself to test his limits. Not knowing whether he made the worst decision of his life or not, he plays a game of cat and mouse with a hit man to which may have turned out to be the exact thrill he may have needed…” Genre: Action/ Thriller Length: 01:02:33 Rating: UR (Suggested 18+) Director: Jake Tranter Starring: Taylor Smart, Gavin Pike, Eileen Dietz

LIM Poster.jpg

“Limbo” A Psychological Horror "Chester, a writer, isolates himself in a cottage away from civilization to focus on his work. As he is struck with writer’s block, he is attacked by a crazed fan who had been stalking him. After the altercation they have, he is met with paranormal activity leaving him to believe that he may be cursed..." Genre: Horror Length: 01:02:23 Rating: UR (Suggested 18+) Director: Jake Tranter Starring: Bob Moreland, Taylor Smart

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