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Our next film is titled, "Killer Roommate".

"Three friends living in the city share a carefree lifestyle, but their world is turned upside down when one of them accidentally kills someone in a drunken mishap. In a desperate attempt to protect themselves and their reputations, they make the fateful decision to conceal the body. As they struggle to keep their secret, they find themselves caught in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with both the police and a ruthless serial killer who is hunting for victims in the city. With the stakes getting higher with each passing day, they must race against time to outsmart their adversaries and avoid getting caught before it's too late."

Feature Film

Genre: Comedy

Filming Location: Douglas County, OR

Filming Dates: TBD. Anticipated to be the last couple of weeks in February

Production Company: Spiderking Studios, LLC

Non-Union Project


Accommodations: Catering will be provided on set. There are no accommodations at this time for flights, hotel, or stipend.

Additional Notes: We plan to hold rehearsals within the month of February leading up to filming. Exact dates TBD.

Click below for a detailed list of available characters.

-Characters List-


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