This is a list of all the available characters in the film as well as their descriptions.

Note that some characters may have been pre-casted and or typewritten.

* Next to a role means that they are already casted.

  • *William Reymond: Our protagonist. He struggles with PTSD from his time serving in the Army. This causes him to lash out at those close to him, but ultimately he wants help.

  • Olivia: Will's girlfriend. She takes the brunt of him lashing out, which causes her to lash out herself. She truly cares for him, but she soon realizes that she can't put up with the turmoil for much longer.

  • *Anthony Barth: The director at the community theatre. A Marine Veteran who has gone through his fair share of nightmares and turmoil. He uses the performing arts to help himself as well as others.

  • Therapist: Will's therapist. She refers him to the community theatre to see if it may help him.

  • Markus: A close friend to Will from the military. He has grown to be a better person through trial and error, but he now has a new and improved outlook on life which he hopes to use to help guide his friends to a better place.

  • Damien: Markus' counterpart. He has his struggles, but he prefers to solve them through the usage of alcohol.

  • Rachel: An actress for the community theatre. She is well put together and prides herself on her demeanor.

  • Sarah: An actress for the community theatre. She is very bubbly and is insistent on making new friends wherever she goes.

  • Side characters (With Lines): Bartender, Receptionist, and Waitress/ Waiter

  • Soldiers from the past: Occasionally there are flashbacks or visions presented of fellow soldiers who lost their lives. These characters speak no lines, but hold heavy emotion through facial expression and body language.

  • Background Extras: There are many roles for extras in this film from extra actors of the community theatre to bar patrons and even audience members of the play. NO ACTING EXPERIENCE NEEDED.