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This is a list of all the available characters in the film as well as their descriptions.

Note that some characters may have been pre-casted and or typewritten.

* Next to a role means that they are unavailable.

  • Jesse: One of our protagonists. They are roommates with Remy, Max, and Todd. Jesse is the most grounded of them all, but also the most self centered. Jesse is written to be gender neutral.

  • Remy: Another one of the roommates. Remy is a hardcore stoner. They are often foggy minded and unaware of their surroundings. Remy is written to be gender neutral.

  • Max: Another one of the roommates. Max is a hopeless romantic. They fall in love with everyone they lay their eyes on. Max is written to be gender neutral.

  • *Todd: Todd is the last of the roommates. He is sort of a sloth, always sleeping and not very interested in anything going on and unfortunately is the one to die.

  • Officer Harris: A very arrogant and boastful cop. He takes the lead on the investigation regarding the death of Todd, but has no clue what he's getting himself into.

  • Officer Poc: Officer Harris's right hand man. He follows every word from his boss down to the word. He is very humble and doesn't want to do any harm, but he is also a bit dumb.

  • Police Chief: Chief of the police force. This character is very authoritative and loves to scream... a lot.

  • Rotsala: A ruthless serial killer hunting various characters throughout the movie who also find themselves involved with the antics of our main characters.

  • Ted: The humble henchman to Rotsala. They do everything to please Rotsala, even if it leads to personal harm. Ted is written to be gender neutral despite the name.

  • Waitress: A waitress for the small town's diner. She has very little patience and often demeans dumb customers.

  • Airline Receptionist: A receptionist for the airport. She, like the waitress, has a short fuse and demeans our characters as they ask for directions.

  • Penelope: Ted's mother. A sweet lady.

  • Violet: A carefree younger woman who loves to party but winds up falling victim to Rotsala. She is kidnapped but finds herself chained next to our main characters who then try to set her free.

  • Noah the Hitchhiker: A pretty chill guy with vary random angry outbursts. He tries to keep this under control, while hitchhiking across the country.

  • Medical Examiner: A medical examiner that is pretty blunt with their findings.

  • Mr. Swanson: A feisty old man who is going into the early stages of Dementia. He pilots a plane which the characters use to try and escape the country.

  • Daryl: A sketchy boat salesman who really wants to get rid of his boats for some reason.

  • Background Extras: There are many roles for extras in this film. Some have the opportunity for speaking lines. NO ACTING EXPERIENCE NEEDED.

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