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Blog 03 — May 2024

Updated: May 15


May 15, 2024

Spiderking Digest — May 2024!

We are almost half of the way through the year, and there’s nothing but big news coming from the world of Spiderking Studios! You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for some exciting updates on what we’ve been doing the past couple of months, and we have lots of exciting things in store for you both in this blog post and in the future as a whole!

Want to get involved? Make sure to read all the way through to the end of this posting to see what you can do to become part of our amazing crew. We are so very appreciative of all of the people who make Spiderking Studios what it is today, and we would love the opportunity to welcome you to our team!

What Are We Doing Now?

Earlier in the year, we made an announcement in regards to our future feature films that some of you may be curious about! Spiderking Studios has ultimately made the decision to temporarily suspend upcoming feature films, and take some time to focus on shorter projects for a while. Ultimately this decision is not a permanent one, and the studio will return to feature films when we feel that we are more prepared to create extensive media that meets our vision. 

Spiderking founder and CEO, Jake Tranter says “It was a difficult decision, but it had to be made. We have to put feature films on the sideline for now. How long? I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter if we make a golden film if we don’t have the proper exposure or marketing abilities. This isn’t us quitting, but it’s simply a shift in focus. We will continue to create content. Even more so than before in fact. This doesn’t change any progress on our current feature ‘Killer Roommate’. All of everyone’s hard work on that project will still pay off and we will have an amazing movie to watch. The post production process has just been moving slower with these new company changes being implemented. Rest assured, the future is bright and great things are coming that the community can become more involved in as well!”

We hope that you are just as excited about our upcoming short films as we are, and thank you for your continued support through this change!

From the set of The Chase 

The Chase has officially completed filming and is just a few weeks away from being released to the public! Please check out our social media pages to catch up on behind-the-scenes photos and to be one of the first ones to see it when it comes out! While it’s safe to say that the weather was quite the interesting challenge (Oregon weather can be pretty unpredictable), we are so very proud of this project and it was so much fun to bring this to life! We would like to share a quick thank you to our cast and crew for braving the rain and sand to pour their all into this project! 

If you’ve been waiting for news on Killer Roommate, the project is still set to premier in the coming weeks as well! As Jake has mentioned previously, our decision to suspend feature film production will not cancel the release of this project although we will be farther delayed than previously expected! Just like with other projects, stay tuned to our social media, pages for more information as we get closer to the project’s release!

Department Feature

For our first ever ‘Department Feature’, please welcome the always lovely J. L. Graves to share some insight on the music behind all of our wonderful projects!

J. L. has been with the studio for several years now and has worked in many different capacities. She would like our readers to know that “Music is a key aspect of a film because it helps accentuate a story by invoking emotion and building tension.” She also says “I’ll often get inspiration from other pieces of media to come up with rough drafts for particular scenes, such as something simplistic like background/diegetic music. But if there is an opportunity, there is room for iconic works to attach itself to the film’s overall aesthetic.”

Thank you to J. L. Graves for giving her talents and never ending dedication to Spiderking Studios!

How Can I Get Involved?

We are always looking for more team members and folks in our community who are interested in joining our crew, especially as we gear up for several new short films that will be entering production! If anything in this blog post caught your eye, feel free to reach out and explore opportunities to dive right in. 

Keep an eye on our social media for updates on upcoming crew opportunities in the coming months, we're constantly seeking behind-the-scenes help with crucial tasks like sound, continuity, and costuming. If you're keen on joining Spiderking Studios, don't hesitate to contact us through our Facebook page or the "contact us" section on our website!

What’s Next?

Make sure to stay tuned to our social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube in the upcoming weeks for all kinds of announcements and upcoming media! We have numerous significant announcements, opportunities, and thrilling developments on the horizon for the next few months. Is there any project, whether past or present, that piques your interest? Feel free to share your thoughts, and perhaps in future posts we'll delve into a topic you're eager to learn more about!

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